Atop a ridge on the Superior Hiking Trail just north of Hovland, MN. Overlooking lake Superior.

Trip reports and photography, outdoor gear design reports and tutorials.

My name is Elliot Dorow Hovland. I am a 4th-year student at the University of California, Berkeley majoring in Mechanical Engineering. I am using this website to catalog my adventures and my experiences designing outdoor gear for personal use in hopes of inspiring myself and others to do more.

“It is one thing to be young and promising, and it is quite another to be good.”

Ken Dryden, former goaltender for the Montreal Canadiens

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Trip Reports and Gear Design

Cross-Body Bag

My Granite Gear Crown 60 has some custom Zimmerbuilt hip pockets that the previous owner added to the hip belt, but I needed more storage for quick access to my phone, snacks, maps, etc. I liked the idea of a cross-body bag and had some spare materials lying around, so I decided to take a crack at designing one to fit my needs.

My Gravel Bike *eye roll*

I’m well aware that everybody and their hamster has a gravel bike at this point, and I generally try to stay away from things that are SUPER trendy. But I needed a quarantine project for the spring of 2020 and I spend a lot of time in northern Minnesota where the dirt roads far outnumber the paved ones, and can lead you to far more interesting places besides.

Gravel Bike Frame Bag

This frame bag must be able to do the following:
– Mount snugly within the front triangle of my gravel bike (I’ll write a post on the bike soon)
– Hold snacks & food for 60+ miles, arm warmers/rain jacket, external battery pack for lights & phone, maybe some tools as well
– Be able to be unzipped and re-zipped with one hand while riding
– Be mostly water/weatherproof
– Allow me to access my water bottles